Fees of Selling at Gulfmoda.com


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After your item is sold successfully, you will be charged a commission fee based on the item sales value. This commission fee is a percentage of the selling value, with a

minimum of 10 AED plus fixed fees (or processing fees) of 10 AED per item.

Please check the below for more info regarding the category & commission percentage:

Categories Final Value Fees
Minimum % Fees
Clothing (Coats, Dresses, Jeans ...) 10 AED 5%

Shoes (Ankle Boots, Boots, Cowboy & Biker boots, Heels ...)

10 AED 10%

Accessories (Bracelets, Necklaces, Handbags, Rings ...)

10 AED 10%


10 AED 10%

For further information regarding not listed category, please contact us at: sales@gulfmoda.com

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**For credit card payments, charges will be applicable per transaction on Merchants accounts.

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