For a host of shoppers, online purchase is just about going for some great cost-saving and time-saving bargains, and buying things with the luxury of sitting at home.

However, for scores of brand-conscious shoppers the name behind the product still seems to be primary driver prompting them to log on and place orders online, while price and ease of shopping come as added benefits to them.

“I believe in the Middle East brands are important and they are considered as icons. This has prompted buyers to be more brand-centric than price centric and they come online to buy good brands at a good value. For instance, if they are looking to buy a phone, they wouldn’t come online to buy any brand of phone. They would rather go for the top-notch branded phone but at the same time hope to get a good saving as well,”

So brand makes for a good pitch online in the UAE and a lot many shoppers believe it.

“Our customers are brand conscious and enjoy luxury products from the brands they know and love. We originally wondered if shoppers would be more cautious about buying higher priced items (such as gowns) online, however, this is not the case and the main feedback we get is that our customer is just happy to have access to great brands with the convenience of shopping from home, the office or even out and about 24/7”

That said, it doesn’t mean the price factor is thrown out of the window by shoppers, as there are a host of buyers who compare price of products in different brick-and-mortar stores with that offered online, before making online purchase, say retailers.