The platform was initially launched in the UK to provide information on mobility, performance and productivity, workplace efficiency, datacentres, and more.

“SME’s represent almost 95 per cent of the companies in Dubai and many of these organisations do not fully understand the benefits of the right IT set-up can have on their bottom line,” said Mohammad Hilili, General Manager Lenovo Gulf.

He said that technologies are continuously evolving and transforming for the better, and it is important businesses understand the advancements taking place in the world around them. is a platform designed to do exactly that — help the local business community understand the benefits of technology.

Through the website, consumers can explore the latest technology trends from the UAE and hear from regional industry leaders on topics that matter to them. Similarly, he said that companies can access the website to find out how to improve business profitability and IT performance, and learn how technology is being used to drive better business outcomes.