Set to open its doors on November 1, Olea presents the most authentic Levantine cuisine and a complete Levant dining experience that will delight all the senses.

The restaurant proudly boasts passionate knowledgeable Levant chefs who adopt traditional cooking methods and present the signature dishes in a dazzling presentation tableside. Add to this the authentic tastes, ingredients and aromas of Levant home cuisine and the look and feel of a welcoming contemporary modern Arabian restaurant. Finally - a truly Levantine dining destination to be discovered in Dubai and a highly desirable addition to the Al Barsha area.

Levantine cuisine, known in Arabic as the Bilad ash-Sham or Land of the North, is the true traditional cuisine found in the Levant region, which today spans the modern states of Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, southern Turkey and Cyprus.

From the El Homos Beiruti of Lebanon and Nayeh (raw meat) selection of Syria to the Sultan Ibrahim of Cyprus and Soft Kunafa of Palestine; at Olea one can be sure to experience the best of Levantine cuisine. To ensure a genuine authenticity – Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates has pulled out all the stops and handpicked a 14-strong team of chefs that together represent Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Palestine.

Syrian head chef, Maher Khaled Chehada brings a wealth of talent and experience in Arabic, European and Turkish cuisine to his role. “I feel honoured to lead a team of talented Levant chefs and to be a part of Olea that is proudly Levantine. From the traditional recipes that go back centuries to the cooking methods and ingredients we are using; we remain true to a dining experience that is quintessentially Levantine,” said Chehada.

The Smoked Mutable presents a surprising twist on the classic Lebanese dip – with a smoking effect. Savour the Hamour in Clay Pot, a dish unique to Palestine, which cooks the local hamour fish in a clay pot and is dramatically cracked tableside to reveal the moist succulent fish inside. Be wowed by the mouth-watering Lamb Kofta – a tender grilled meat kebab from Syria that is proudly displayed on a 1.5 metre long skewer.

At Olea the tastes of the Levant don’t stop at the food – the beverage menu creatively incorporates Levantine herbs and spices predominantly used to flavour food, such as cumin and zaatar. Refresh your taste buds with the Zaatar Spritzer, a concoction of fresh thyme, orange and lemon juice, honey and soda water, or try the Arak, the national drink of the Levant flavoured with aniseed, distilled from grape juice and served traditionally with water and ice.

True to the tradition of dining in the Levant – in Olea, the authentic Levantine cuisine is coupled with a gracious hospitality inimitably associated with the region – ensuring an atmosphere of festivity with every dining experience.

Following the meal, guests can treat themselves to a coffee with deluxe shisha as in the Levant, but out on the beautiful 300-sq-m landscaped terrace.